The modern woman is on the go these days, and beauty must travel with her. For young kids aspiring to be fierce, successful, and fabulous, they too can travel in style.

The Disney Princes Travel Vanity, from Jakks Pacific, is a portable case the opens up with mirror, lights, play accessory pieces, and plenty of storage for kids to keep all of their pretend play makeup and hair products. There are even foldable legs underneath to make sure the mirror is in just the right spot while getting ready.

Soon enough, kids will be filming their own makeup tutorials straight from this vanity because the lighting is perfect for the camera. The LED lights surround the entire mirror to make sure there’s no shadow on any place but the eyelid. Even with pretend makeup, kids have to make sure everything is blended to perfection. It also gives you the perfect spotlight to grab the play hairbrush and practice the performance of a lifetime to sing their hearts out, but that’s just a suggestion.

The vanity comes with seven accessories, including play hair spray, a powder jar, and a luggage tag so kids can personalize their case. Inside there are two trays that expand outward, revealing space underneath to stock up more pretend makeup, or maybe even real makeup as kids grow older.

If kids want to glam up their vanity supply, there are also two travel totes in the Disney Princess line. The Hair Play Travel Tote has everything kids need to finesse the perfect blowout no matter where they are, and the Makeup Travel Tote has all the products needed to give them a sophisticated look for any royal occasion.

And for those kids who have to hit the road as soon as they’re done styling their look there’s the Style Collection Wristlet, which includes a phone case, car keys, and two credit cards so kids can TREAT YOSELF. The wristlet is sure not to block the front-facing camera so as not to interfere with the perfect selfie.

All of the play accessories look like they came straight from the vanity of a princess, which is what we all deserve, really. With a mix of pinks and golds, these sets give classic play a modern style.