Disney Princess Style Collection Travel Tote Lifestyle

You can travel in style — thanks to Jakks Pacific’s Disney Princess Style Collection

The whole collection features fab new accessories for young travelers on the go, including a Play Suitcase, On-the-Go Play Phone Set, Snap & Go Play Camera, Shop ‘n Play Cash Register, and a staple in any traveler’s luggage set: the Travel Accessories Tote.

Stocked with everything that you need for your next adventure, the travel tote features nine accessories in addition to the tote itself. Accessories include play toothpaste with a cap, a play toothbrush and a case, play soap and a soap dish with a lid, a brush, a play bottle of shampoo with a cap, a play bottle of conditioner with a cap, a play bottle of lotion with a cap, and a compact with an applicator. 

Style Collection Travel Tote

If you’re a frequent traveler like me, you know that organization is key. This travel tote is perfect for travelers who like to keep their stuff neat — it has a place for each of the accessories! Plus, the tote itself even fits inside the Play Suitcase, so you can easily travel with everything you need. 

The outside of tote is a fashionable pink, with cute Disney Princess styling, including an image of Ariel, Snow White, and Rapunzel. 

This new addition to the Disney Style Collection will launch this fall!