Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Fashion DollOnce upon a time, the Disney princesses lived in a magical land called Mattel but, the bold heroines decided to make a daring move, and journeyed on to the faraway kingdom of Hasbro.

If only the licensing battle between Mattel and Hasbro that blew up last year was that simple. Lucky for Disney dreamers everywhere, while there are some small characteristic changes most notably in facial features the leading ladies of everyone’s favorite fairytales still come to life with a sprinkle of glitter in Hasbro’s latest collection of fashion dolls.

The Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Fashion Dolls, including Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Merida, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Tiana, are perfect for children ages 3 and up whose daydreams lead them to fantastic lands to embark on enchanted quests.

Besides the imaginative journeys that the dolls will stimulate, each features unique elements that nail the individual personality of each princess right down to her signature style. Merida’s unruly red curls stay true to her adventurous spirit, Pocahontas’ fringy patterned dress embodies her love for nature, and a wide-eyed and freckled face Rapunzel is perfectly captured.

No one princess is quite like the other, and the same goes for each doll. Now, each character has different heights and facial features to match her animated counterpart. Pocahontas’ long legs and torso are showcased in her 11-inch doll, which contrast a slightly shorter Snow White, as she is the youngest of the princess posse. Additionally, Jasmine has a fitting almond shaped-face, while Merida has a rounder, fuller look. Even Mulan’s tiny ears are distinct from Rapunzel’s slightly longer lobes.

In addition to removable shoes and Velcro-backed dresses, certain dolls’ accessories, such as Pocahontas’ blue necklace and Merida’s brown belt, can easily clip on and off in seconds. Each doll is also styled in a glittery dress, so prepare for a trail of royal shimmer to be left behind.

Thanks to lots of articulation, including heads that fully rotate, arms that extend vertically and nimble legs, there is nothing stopping these dolls from taking on whatever evil villains or dark forces may stand in their way.

Overall, Hasbro’s new line of Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Fashion Dolls is sure to be a favorite for any Disney-obsessed princess-in-training.