Lena is obsessed with Disney Princesses. This is a pretty common phenomenon in 4-year-old girls, so Hasbro’s offering of a Disney Princess Castle Game—one that involves a board with a pop-up castle, no less—is brilliant. The magic begins when the child takes a look at the box. “It comes with four princesses!” Lena noted immediately. Next, you open the box and take out the contents. When the board is unfolded, the magic moment occurs, as the castle pops up. Lena’s eyes opened wide, her mouth dropped open, and she was quiet for a moment. The awe lasts just a moment, before the excitement takes over. Let’s play!

Kids get to play as Ariel, Aurora, Belle, or Snow White. They take turns spinning the spinner and moving their princess the corresponding number of spaces. If you land on a villain, move back three spaces. There are few villain spaces, so this is a rare occurrence. There are three tokens for each princess, and if you land on a gem space, you flip over a token in hopes that it is a match for your princess. If it is, you collect it, and if you get all three, you automatically win! The other way to win is to be the first to reach the pop-up castle. Lena and I decided that it’s the “princess” thing to do for the winner to invite the other princesses to join her at the castle for a party.

We have already played this game six times today, and it would be more if it was up to Lena. Parents will love that entire game can be played in less than 10 minutes. It’s great for preschoolers’ short attention spans, and parents’ busy schedules. Lena happens to have a great attention span for 4 years old, and will sit and play over and over for hours. And hours.

Pop-Up Magic Disney Princess Castle Game is appropriate for ages 3 and up and retails for $19.99. Hasbro notes that the game can be expanded by connecting the Pop-Up Magic Disney Tangled, Cinderella’s Coach, and Frozen games (each game is sold separately).

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