Dynacraft is granting more wishes than a Fairy Godmother this year with the most epically royal ride-on to ever grace the kingdom.

Pint-sized princesses will be pretty in pink this holiday season as they head to the ball in the enchantingly beautiful Disney Princess Carriage.

This motorized ride-on can cruise along at up to 5 mph, and kids can choose a slow speed to arrive in style, or a fast speed to make it home before midnight. It can even go in reverse in case kids need to go back for their glass slipper.

The carriage features a brilliant pink paint job, with golden sparkly accents, and purple wheels and chassis. Four working lanterns light up the path ahead, and an oversized tiara is perched on top to let everyone in her path know that the princess is on her way. Sheer curtains can shield the princess on her royal ride, or they can be tied back neatly with elegant ribbons. Images of Ariel, Aurora, Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle adorn the chassis to remind little princesses of the good company they keep. Up to two little queens-to-be can ride in the carriage at one time, and buckle up for safety with the included seatbelts.

But no royal carriage is complete without a little bit of magic. When kids place the magical wand into the dashboard of the carriage, they will be greeted with twinkling sounds and sparkling purple lights.

The carriage can safely hold up to 130 lbs, and kids can easily shift between speeds with the gear shift, and ride off into the sunset by pushing the foot pedal. It has a 45-minute run time and takes about 12 hours to fully charge, so parents can prep the magical ride-on overnight while little princesses are dreaming of their next big adventure.

Dynacraft’s Disney Princess Carriage brings royalty to the road and proves that dreams really do come true.