If your kids wish they could permanently change their address to Disney World—I call dibs on Cinderella’s castle—Nintendo‘s Disney Magical World 2 is the game for them. With more than 100 Disney characters to meet and make memories with, the latest installment is a shoe-in for all Disney-obsessed kids.

Filled with tons of different worlds where players can advance to, kids will get the chance to garden alongside Goofy, mine with the Seven Dwarves, attend a ball with all the Disney princesses, and so much more.

Before they get to embark on all the different adventures within each world, players must create their own personal character and passport, then they hop into a hot air balloon that will take them to Castelton. Castleton is a land filled with magic and friendly faces. Upon my arrival there, I was greeted by Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and Goofy. After chatting with the OG’s of Disney, players will earn their first sticker, the Meet the Crew sticker. When a player experiences a milestone or a fun event throughout the game, they get to collect stickers. The more stickers that a player collects, the more magical experiences that he or she will get to take part in.

After players make their way to Castleton and acquaint themselves with Mickey and the gang, Mickey will take players on a tour of their new neighborhood. Along the way, a player can practice the proper way to greet others so that they can make new friends in town. In their neighborhood, players will have their own house that they can decorate and personalize, as well as some really cool neighbors, including Daisy who will want to set up a shopping trip stat. Count me in!

The map on the bottom will display different numbers. These are magic Numbers and with enough stickers, a player can follow the numbers on the map to progress in the game. Goals are also marked by pins on the map, and when a player heads toward it they’ll have a task to complete.

One the first activities I completed with my new friends was meeting Goofy and helping him garden. After that, I was able to collect glowing items in the garden and earn my Hunter-Gatherer sticker (NBD). After players get to know their new neighbors through dinner gatherings and birthday parties, they’ll earn enough stickers to explore new worlds. The first three worlds will take players to lands that include Lilo & Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, and Frozen, where yes, you’ll want to build a snowman with Anna.

Disney Magical World 2
is the game of Disney fans’ dreams. The new game from Nintendo lets kids live alongside their favorite characters and participate in games and activities that include the most iconic move moments.