I guess we just really aren’t ready to let it go.

Disney Frozen is still a big hit—with the new Disney Frozen Northern Lights bringing back all of our favorite Frozen friends this year. And with a new Frozen movie comes a new singing Elsa doll, one that is more magical than ever.

Disney Frozen Northern Lights Elsa, from Jakks Pacific, is so super adorable and harnesses all of the magic, color, and music of the Frozen world. Inspired by the new tale, this Elsa interacts with her included snowflake, which lets kids activate a beautiful light show on her dress with a wave of their hand. Yes, you heard that right. This dress/snowflake combo basically gives you Elsa’s magical Snow Queen powers. Sign. Me. Up.

Kids can use their powers to help Elsa bring back the Northern Lights and restore her powers. When they wave their hand over the snowflake, Elsa’s dress creates beautiful colors, lights, and sounds. But if they hold their hand over the snowflake and keep it there, they can watch as the Queen’s dress sparkles with the Northern Lights.

Of course, no Elsa doll would be complete if she wasn’t belting out her favorite ballad, “Let It Go,” and Northern Lights Elsa does not disappoint. She also says 40 phrases, and can speak in both English and Spanish.

This Elsa doll is absolutely beautiful as well. Her big reflection eyes make her face look more expressive and her platinum hair is pulled into her signature flowing braid. Her dress incorporates more purple tones than Elsa dolls of the past—straying slightly from the blue we’re all used to—and is covered in shimmery details. She’s wearing a snowflake-printed, glittery, sparkly, wonderful cloak over top of her dress, of which I am 150-percent jealous.

Although she’s still a fabulous role-playing doll and will spark princesses’ imaginations everywhere, it’s important to know that her legs are replaced by the inner workings of the light show, so they aren’t bendable or movable. However, girls can style her hair, move her arms, and create all of the Frozen adventures they can dream up.

So, get excited because Disney Frozen Northern Lights Elsa will be available this October, and everyone loves Elsa. Everyone.

Channing Tatum, “Lip Sync Battle” (Spike/YouTube)