3D Boxshot Wizard LHS v1.1When I say “Fantasia,” your mind probably immediately goes to Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey or those ballet-dancing hippos. This fall, Disney Interactive took the classic concept of Fantasia and revamped it for a whole new generation of music lovers with Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved. With an updated storyline and control-free game play, this is one musical journey the whole family will love.

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved is a breakthrough musical motion video game inspired by the classic Fantasia film. Players enter the magical realms of Fantasia to hone their musical and magical skills as they train to become the apprentice of legendary sorcerer Yen Sid. The gameplay is interactive and immersive; a motion-controlled journey through worlds of music and magic. Players can actually jump inside the game in so many different ways.

Players can perform favorite songs from artists such as Bruno Mars, Queen, AVICII, and more– in addition to music by classical artists. They can explore different genres and styles using natural, gesture-based movements. The movements aren’t so much “dance moves” as they are composing gestures, giving kids the feel of a DJ or an orchestra conductor, making Fantasia stand out against typical motion-controlled dancing games.

Fantasia.DanceScreenInside each song, players can choose which instruments they would like to riff on, and are able to create cool layered bonus material to play during their performances, making each performance of every song unique. This sort of creative and additive play keeps the songs from getting stale and boring, and opens a whole new world of musical opportunities. Through magical manipulators, kids are able to transform and remix familiar songs in real time, teaching them how intuitive composing can be.

The environments and worlds that players explore throughout the realm of Fantasia are extremely engaging. Players use their motion-controlled “muse” to peruse fun musical secrets in different worlds, ranging from an urban neighborhood to an enchanted printing press, to the subaquatic world of the “The Shoal.” Inside these worlds, there are hidden musical interactions that engage players and encourage them to further unleash their creativity.

Fantasia.NeighborhoodThis game is designed by Harmonix, the company behind smash-hit games such as Rock Band and Dance Central. The immersive and interactive nature of Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved makes this the most creatively inspiring game of the bunch. It has enough of a story line to keep kids engaged through the different worlds—training to be the sorcerer’s apprentice—but still provides tons of free play that inspires imagination and sparks musical creativity. It lets kids compete and collaborate with their friends as well with the multiplayer function available for up to two local players.

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved lets kids explore fantastical worlds, while discovering the magic of music and creativity in real life.