Ice cream-themed Disney collectibles you can assemble and customize yourself? Sounds pretty sweet.

Disney D-lectables is a collectible line of sweet treats from Imperial Toy inspired by beloved Disney characters. Each D-lectable separates into interchangeable sugary segments to create special configurations kids (and kids at heart) can build and collect.

The D-lectables Line comes in a variety of packs and play accessories. New this year is the D-lectables Layers of Magic Ice Cream Tub, and it’s PACKED with surprises. Hidden inside each Ice Cream Tub is one of eight Mickey or Minnie inspired sweet treats. Kids can discover their new collectible toy one piece at a time, as they unbox each surprise layer by layer. First, kids will discover a pair of color-changing cookie ears and frosting, then unveil a signature ice cream topper, then dive into a scented foam scoop of ice cream, a sweet sugar cone, and moldable putty.

Recreate the experience by replacing the layers within the reusable tub for extended play. The tub offers a lot of play value itself. And if kids have multiple D-Lectables Layers of Magic collectibles, they can explore mix and match opportunities.

While the creative element is outstanding, the ability to pretend play with the D-lectables makes this even more engaging. Kids can imagine they are serving up a Disney-inspired cone to friends and family, bringing in a role-play element to the toys. With these ice cream tubs, kids can truly collect, create, AND play.


The fact that this collectible is not a person, but a persona, makes it especially enchanting. Those who are fans of Disney Bounding (dressing up in everyday outfits inspired by a particular character) will especially love the subtler approach to these Disney collectible toys.

Best for kids and collectors ages 5 and up, and sold exclusively at Walmart, the D-Lectables Layers of Magic Ice Cream Tubs are seriously sweet surprises that will delight Disney fans.