Throw It Back with the Retro Folkmanis Disney Puppets

Turning 90 never looked so stylish.

Mickey Mouse and his original cast of pals can now be brought to life with the Disney Character Puppets, from Folkmanis. In celebration of Mickey’s upcoming 90th birthday next year, the puppets feature their signature retro outfits and smiling faces.

Mickey is joined by Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy. In true Folkmanis style, the detail on the puppets are essentially exact to the cartoons that all generations love. Mickey is wearing his classic red shorts, white gloves, and gold shoes. Minnie is—of course—in her polka dot skirt over bloomers and is sporting golden pumps and a vintage-style hat with a flower tucked in it.

Donald Duck is the cuddliest of them all. His big, round belly is paired with super, soft plush that essentially makes him into a duck-shaped pillow. Pluto is as adorable as we would all hope he is. At first he just seems like the normal hand puppet, but then with a quick squeeze of his front paws, his ears shoot up. All dogs perk their ears with excitement and Pluto is no exception to that rule. And, coming soon to the collection is everyone’s favorite whacky pup, Goofy. This puppet is basically as tall as a child and with that comes the lankiness of Goofy’s character.

The characters are full-body hand puppets, with the mouths and hands being moveable for kids to animate. Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy have hidden pockets in their gloves so they can move their hands all around. Kids just slip their hands into the inside of their gloves to start waving, clapping, or blowing kisses. The quality with which these are made are great for Disney collectors who want to keep them in pristine condition, but each puppet is soft to the touch for cuddling if kids want to play with them. I’ve never known a child who didn’t have their own Mickey Mouse to play with.

Both adults and kids can join in on the puppet show, with parents passing on their own childhood memories. Puppets are a go-to way for kids to tap into imaginative play and use some of that Disney magic to bring everyone’s favorite characters to life.



Manufacturer: Folkmanis
MSRP: $65.99-$119.99

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