Hydro dipping is a mess-free way to decorate eggs. | Source: Little Kids

Ditch the messy dyes this Easter in exchange for an egg-cellent new method of egg decorating. 

Dippin’ Designs from Little Kids offers kids ages 5 and up an innovative technique to decorate their eggs without a mess. Each Dippin’ Designs Egg Wrap Kit comes with 14 sheets of unique patterns, 12 egg stands, two dipping tools, and two smoothing tools. 

The process of hydro dipping is easy. Simply lay one of the sheets in a bowl of water, stick an egg to a dipping tool, dip the egg into the sheet, lift and twirl, and use one of the smoothing tools to smooth down the edges. Then place the egg on an egg stand for 20-30 minutes to let it dry. 

Just like gift wrap, the patterns on the egg wraps are preset, so the end results are always stunning. Everyone in the family can choose their favorite from a variety of detailed designs, including abstract prints, llamas, and skulls and crossbones. Furthermore, once the wraps are dried, the hard-boiled eggs are safe to peel and eat.

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The Dippin’ Designs Egg Wrap Kit will be available for $9.99 on walmart.com starting on Feb. 15.