Flashback to 200 million years ago. You’re 3 years old and roaming around uncharted territory in your Dino Tracker 4×4. Where are those mysterious dinosaurs? There’s one behind you! Quick — put the pedal to the metal and make your escape in your trusty ride-on from Kid Trax!

Designed for kids ages 3-5, this toy 4×4 ride-on gives little ones a lifelike driving experience with working headlights, a horn, and engine noises, as well as foot pedal acceleration that goes both forward and reverse at a maximum speed of 2.5 mph. The sound effects really add to the realistic driving experience, helping to set the scene for imaginative play. There are also fun, dinosaur-themed details on the truck, including dinosaur paw prints, graphics, and a license plate that says “DINOTRAX.”

It’s worth noting that parents will have to build the car once it arrives, but it only takes about 30 minutes to put the wheels, seat, and steering wheel in place. It’s made from plastic, but the metal rods make it very sturdy. It also includes a 6-volt battery that is easy to charge. While some ride-ons have lower price-points, this one is really built to last and that makes it worth the price. It can handle driving on sidewalks, driveways, grass, and uphill with its Power Trax rubber traction strip tires that keep the ride smooth and steady while kids are out searching for dinosaurs.

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There’s room for one kid to sit in it and it holds a maximum weight of 60 pounds, so adults will have to exercise some self control not to take it for a spin when their kids aren’t looking (we know you’ll want to).

Dinosaur lovers will flip over this dino-mite ride-on!