A toy that lets you excavate dinosaur bones? We can dig it.

Dino Smashers Epic Egg Series 3 from ZURU is all kids need to bring out their inner paleontologist. Kids can smash open the electric-orange egg to discover a hidden map which will lead them to treasure. They will have to follow the steps one-by-one in order to find a dinosaur!

Five different tasks need to be completed in order to find all the pieces of their dino. First, they sift through kinetic sand and then activate lava by putting it in water. Parents should use caution during this step because the “lava” fizzes out of control! An oversized bowl filled a quarter of the way with water should be all you need to keep it from erupting onto the floor.

Next, kids search through the slime. (They’ll want some paper towels nearby to clean up the goo.) After that, they take the hammer to excavate the giant mount of dirt and then finally squish their way through some icy-blue putty to find the last of their discovery.

Once all of the pieces are found and cleaned it’s time to assemble them! The directions make it simple to build the fossil with convenient labels for all the parts. Kids can also smash through six mini eggs with collectible mini-figures inside — lookout for the ultra-rare bone-heads! They can find out all of the possible dinosaurs, fossils, and skulls to collect on the back of their treasure map.

Kids can imagine the land before time with this toy that keeps the fun going passed just building their dinosaur. After constructing, they can play with their newly built fossil or dig into the putty, slime, and sand!