DigiPuppets Bring Character to Tablet Play

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Kids are being exposed to more screen time now than ever before, which is why I find myself constantly on the hunt for the best educational and learning apps for kids. Luckily, toy companies have been catching onto this trend and are producing content and products to turn mindless screen time into meaningful play. One of my absolute favorites, which I’m SO happy that I came across, is DigiPuppets.

Not only does DigiPuppets produce rockstar content (approved by yours truly), but it also makes adorable finger puppets that work on touchscreen devices. DigiPuppets use play to teach, so parents can feel good when kids are using their devices.

These little puppets fit on all finger sizes, which is great for parents to play along with their kids. The puppets themselves are extremely high quality, made from a thick rubberized material, and they provide an affordable way for kids to interact with their technology.

Kids can use their DigiPuppets to play with the brand’s apps, which infuse elements of classic play into a traditionally digital-only play pattern. The characters come to life on screen and kids can learn with them. The apps are created by child developmental experts and experienced elementary school educators, and they reinforce Common Core-based skills that kids are learning in school.

There are currently four apps available for download for free on Apple and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play. Every single app is jam-packed with multiple features and educational games that have so much value that I almost couldn’t believe it. The apps are amazing and will keep kids engaged.

There are seven characters in the DigiPuppets line, all of which are featured in the corresponding apps. Kids will love all of the characters, including Honey Bunny, Zip the Zebra, Marco the Moose, Plucky Puppy, Kristy Kitty, Barry Bear, and Princess Patty. Zip the Zebra and Honey Bunny are available now for purchase, and the other characters are coming soon.


My absolute favorite is Honey’s Hide & Peek. I thought it would just be a simple play on hide and seek, but it is has mini-games that teach kids important math and language skills. For example, if the question was, “What letter goes next?” there would be three answers on different bushes, kids choose which bush is the right answer, and then Honey comes out. There are multiple levels like this, and in one of the games, Honey has to finish chores first before going out to play—like in real life!

In Zip’s Learning Adventure, Zip wants to meet up with all of his friends, but he must answer questions about numbers, letters, shapes, and patterns. Each game showcases skills like math, language, and memory. The other two apps, Zip’s Big Race and Honey Bunny Learns to Share, are interactive stories that kids can read alone or along with. Throughout the different pages, kids can interact with objects and characters.

One of the best parts about DigiPuppets is that even if you’re not using an app, or if your device doesn’t support the app, then you can still use your puppet because they work just like a stylus!

Watch the video below to learn more about DigiPuppets, and if the kids chanting, “We love DigiPuppets!” at the end doesn’t convince you about how awesome this is (I would start a one-person chant in the office), then I don’t know what will.



Manufacturer: DigiPuppets LLC
MSRP: 14.99

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