Goal: CA$50,000 ($36,407)
Funding Period: Until June 24
Creator: DF Robot

Inventing can be difficult for kids who don’t have access to complex machine pieces or are too young to understand programming. To get kids started early on creating groundbreaking technology, the Boson Kit, from DF Robot, will let them skip all the complex coding for them to plug right in to invent and play.

The Boson Kit is the first coding-free set of modular electronic building blocks for inventors and teachers. Developed as a hands-on tool for STEM education for classrooms, Boson Kit modules come in the form of special blocks that include a multitude of advanced technological functions such as facial recognition, motors, cameras, and more.

Boson Kit modules are also compatible with construction pieces such as Legos, magnets, screws, and velcro, so kids will be able to create and invent complex machinery such as fans, lamps, or even functioning robots, among many other inventions using their favorite toys and simple tools. Boson Kit is also fully compatible with Scratch—a simple programming language used to create games, animations, etc.—so users of all ages are able to take full advantage of Boson’s technological capabilities.

Kickstarter donations range from CA$53 (about $39) to CA$423 (about $309). Prizes include special kits of various Boson building blocks.

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