MazePackagingNow this is something that will get you lost in fun.

With Seedling’s Design Your Own Marble Maze, kids ages 8 and up can design their own maze and then step inside their imagination with the companion app that turns their creations into a virtual reality adventure. The kit includes one pre-assembled wooden marble maze, 45 wooden maze wall blocks, five reusable paper grids, two sets of adhesive stickers, start and end stickers, and three silver marbles.

Seedling’s maze can be enjoyed in a few different ways. First, kids get to design and play their own maze by constructing walls with bricks. Using the included paper grids, kids can create alleyways and alcoves that eventually lead to a finish line. I put my bricks in place to start, and then added the adhesive stickers when I was set on my maze design.SeedlingMazeOnce kids have built up their walls, they can create traps by punching holes in the perforated floor card. The more holes they punch out, the more difficult the maze will be. And with five floor cards to experiment with, young ones can make a number of mazes with varying degrees of difficulty.

After construction is complete, kids can attempt to conquer their own maze by dropping one of the silver marbles onto the labyrinth and spinning the nobs to adjust the angle of its floor. It takes patience and a steady hand, so they’ll build on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.MazeContentsAfter enjoying their maze, kids can download the companion app and step inside. Once installed, they can take a photo of their physical creation, watch their smart device detect their maze walls, and drop them within their confines like a Glader from The Maze Runner. The camera can even recognize kids’ trap holes, starting point, and finishing line.maze_design_app-adevtureFinally, using the bonus virtual reality viewer, kids can experience their maze design first hand and explore it themselves. The cardboard viewfinder, which kids can customize to their liking, can be used in tandem with their smartphones so they can “step foot” into their maze. After they run through it for the first time, they can digitally customize it with themes, sounds, selfies, hazards, and riddles. They can even team up with friends and experience their mazes together.

Seedling’s app requires iOS9 or higher and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android devices. Maze scanning is only supported on models with rear cameras.

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