Build Up STEM Skills with the Design and Drill Workbench

STEM learning tools come in all shapes and sizes—even packed into toys for our littlest learners.

Educational Insights’ Design and Drill line is the perfect introduction to different STEM concepts and motor skills. The latest addition, the Design and Drill My First Workbench, is no exception.

With tools designed for little hands, this set lets little builders get busy hammering nails and drilling bolts directly into the bench to create patterns. Don’t worry parents—we’re talking about completely kid-safe carpentry here.

The workbench features a storage drawer, perfect for housing all 120 colorful bolts that come in the set, as well as two holders for the tools. Using the mini drill and hammer, kids can arrange the colorful bolts into the workbench in different patterns. The workbench includes a guide that features 10 patterns for kids to try to recreate—STEM learning!—or they can venture off on their own and exercise their creativity by coming up with their own designs and patterns.

The Design and Drill My First Workbench is a great pick for parents who are looking to weave some educational aspects into playtime—while still avoiding the screen. This play set features 100-percent screen-free play, while still reinforcing the basics of coding, engineering, and more. Since the workbench’s grid is truly open-ended, kids can learn about how patterns work, and how to build their own.

On top of all of this, the workbench also promotes kids’ development of large and small motor skills. It improves hand-eye coordination, and challenges them to recognize spatial and physical awareness. It also helps them master dexterity.

Overall, the Design and Drill Workbench is a great introduction to your preschooler’s playroom. The play value is endless as they can create over and over again, and the educational value is great for unplugged play.



Manufacturer: Educational Insights
MSRP: $49.99

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