Move over sinister souls, this Batbot is ready to foil your plans.

New from Fisher-Price, the Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot XTreme, lets kids ages 3 and up join forces with a larger-than-life version of Batman. It features a set of extendable wings, a handful of projectile launchers, a hidden Batcycle, a voice changer, and real punching fists.

Before you start thinking this Batbot is just for show, stop and read that last line again. Standing more than 2-feet tall, this Batbot towers over Gotham City and comes packed with fun play features.

When it’s time for kids to be this Batbot’s Robin, they can turn the Power Pad on its left shoulder to enter battle mode. Kids can watch as their Batbot spreads its wings and raises its arms in an intimidating fashion. If that doesn’t send villians scurrying in the opposite direction, young ones can squeeze the triggers to deliver a one-two punch combination.

Turn the Power Pad on Batbot’s right shoulder, and its chest will open up to reveal a hidden elevator. Kids can place a Batman figure inside and then raise him up into the cockpit to take control of the action. Using the red buttons on both shoulders, aspiring heroes can launch plastic projectiles at enemies. Reminder: little brothers and sisters are NOT the enemy.

When the fight turns mobile, kids can twist the third Power Pad on the Batbot’s left leg to reveal a hidden Batcycle capable of speeding off in chase of the enemy. No matter where the fight may take kids, they will be ready.

Kids can even sound just like the Dark Knight with the voice-changer button. And for added action, kids can add the Batbot XTreme to other Imaginext DC Super Friends figures, play sets, or vehicles.

The Joker doesn’t stand a chance against this feature-packed play set that doubles as an oversized action figure.