Summer plans may have been put on hold for most families this year, but DC is offering kids a new way to take the ultimate vacay online. Visiting the Justice Café and Batcave seems like a pretty sweet trip.

The DC Kids Fandome will take place on Aug. 22 (UPDATE: The event will now take place on Sept. 12) for any kid with an internet connection to get a never-before-seen look inside the world of the Teen Titans. Kids can head to the super-powered group’s tower, fly into the Batcave, and see all of their favorite DC characters in an event specially designed for them to play and create.

Check out the trailer for the event below!

Kids will have access to exclusive videos, comics, and can uncover a bunch of special surprises. The free event will take place for only 24 hours. Gather your Batsnacks and get ready! The DC Kids Fandome can be accessed here.