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Get ready to add new songs to your kid’s favorite playlist

Danny Weinkauf, the Grammy Award-winning artist and longtime bassist for the band They Might Be Giants, is back with his fifth album for kids and families: Dinosaurs and MetaphorsThe album’s songs inspire imagination and feature humor and clever wordplay. The first single, “Dinosaurs on Roller Skates,” will be available on March 20, followed by the full album release on April 10.

Several songs on the album feature guest vocals from Tina Kenny Jones of Weinkauf’s live act, the Red Pants Band, including the single “Dinosaurs on Roller Skates.” Other special vocal guests include Weinkauf’s wife Michelle, his son Kai (known for his peppy vocals on “Champion of the Spelling Bee”), and Britta Phillips. 

Dinosaurs and Metaphores

The album’s 15 original songs include themes that run the gamut of everyday life, from the joy of a lazy Saturday morning to a celebration of another Monday. Kids who are enduring a haircut or the hiccups will find comedic relief here, and they will laugh at the offbeat language lessons of “Your Love Is a Metaphor” or the idea of “Dinosaurs on Roller skates.” The album finishes with a rock anthem called “Superstar.” 

Dinosaurs and Metaphors will be available wherever music is sold and streamed. To learn more about Danny Weinkauf’s songwriting, visit his website here