Little kids sometimes need a little help understanding big problems in the world — that’s where Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood comes in.

The series is known for teaching and guiding preschoolers through some of life’s difficult questions using songs and relatable content. Season five of the show will be no different, as it starts off with a special episode about the coronavirus.

“Won’t You Sing Along with Me?” will premiere on Aug. 17 and be filled with music and address the common challenges and disappointments of the past few months. In the special episode, Daniel learns that the Neighborhood Carnival has been canceled and he has a lot of big feelings about it. Mom and Dad Tiger help him get through it with the power of music.

There will be a new five new episodes premiering throughout the week following the premiere, including another special titled “Daniel’s Substitute Teacher.” In total, the new season will have 20 episodes, all showcasing important lessons, like coping with accidents, the importance of rules, and getting along with siblings. Of course, kids will be able to shake their tails during each episode with a number of new songs to jam along with.

Families can catch the series on PBS Kids.