DanceCharadesThe classic game of charades has been a popular party game for ages, but now, Pressman Toy gives us a whole new way to play. Throw out that tired old movie camera gesture (they don’t even work like that anymore anyway!) and put on your dance shoes because Dance Charades will be your family’s new favorite guessing game.

Dance Charades works like regular charades in that one player chooses a card and tries to get his or her team to guess what is on the card without words. However, the new twist on this game is that you trade in pantomime for the dance—and it becomes a hilarious new game. Each player gets 40 seconds, dictated by music, to dance out things such as “Baton Twirl,” “Wipe the Counter,” “The Tornado,” and “Tightrope Walking.” Although there about 300 dance cards included, there are also blank cards, so those that are more creative can add their own (or as my friends did—add your own inside jokes).

Players can either use the music on the included CD (each track is timed out to the designated 40 seconds for each turn) or they can queue up their own music—as long as the DJ remembers to keep time. The player dancing it out for his or her turn can use the entire 40 seconds to get the team to guess as many cards as possible, scoring one point for each correct guess. However, extra points can be scored for super fly moves. When the other players love your dance moves, they can throw up to three tokens into the dance circle and you earn extra points! This is super helpful if you, for example, can ham up a performance and have a partner that’s not such a great guesser. They may not have carried my team to victory, but those extra posts sure did help us stay in the game.

Generally, it’s nice to spruce up your old favorites when it comes to party games, and Dance Charades is the perfect way to do just that. So blast your favorite jams, get up, and get dancing!