Moose Toys’ Dance & Play Bluey has three different games for kids to choose from! | Source: Moose Toys/The Toy Insider

Ready for an all-day dance party? 

Lace up your dancing shoes and be prepared to dance the day away with Moose Toys’ Dance & Play Bluey. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this groovy blue heeler is ready to sing, dance, talk, and even play some games! 

Based on the popular animated kids’ TV show Bluey, the Dance & Play Bluey is an animatronic plush that brings songs and phrases from the show to life. Kids can play along as Bluey hops, waves, and dances. There are even different activities for little ones to choose from, including talking, singing, and dancing. That’s right — Bluey says more than 55 phrases, including “For real life” and “I know a game we can play!” 

Once kids are ready to get moving, they can play three different games with Bluey: Statues, Dance Mode, or Copycat! Fans of the show may remember that these games are among Bluey’s favorites. Little dancers can see if they have what it takes to beat Bluey at her own games by freezing like a statue, copying her moves, or dancing it out. 

Although Dance & Play Bluey is a little bigger than some toys, she doubles as an excellent on-the-go travel plush. With her soft fabric and squeezable ears, Bluey makes for an awesome holiday traveling companion. And for families about to embark on a long car ride, Dance & Play Bluey can entertain kids in the backseat for hours — that is, if parents can listen to the same songs for a while. 

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At $49.99, Dance & Play Bluey is pricier than some holiday gifts this season. But with all its different modes and great entertainment value, this little animatronic plush that could promises to keep kids hooked for a while. What will little ones dance to first?