Fire up that motherboard and get ready for all new learning adventures.

Inspired by the PBS Kids series Cyberchase, a new pilot program funded by the National Science Foundation, “Cyberchase: Mobile Adventures in STEM,” uses text messages to deliver science and math activities to kids and parents.

This new program, designed to advance STEM learning of kids ages 6 years through 8 years, offers a six-week curriculum of hands-on environmental science and math lessons through Cyberchase videos and corresponding STEM activities. The Cyberchase-inspired program was created by WNET – New York Public Media and the Education Development Center (EDC) and aims to use texting capabilities to communicate engaging and informal STEM lessons to families.

More than 500 families across Houston, San Antonio, New York, and Tampa, Florida, participated in the new pilot program, available in both English and Spanish languages, with 95 families taking part in an initial pilot research study through the EDC. As part of the study, parents received weekly texts with introductory Cyberchase videos and a choice of two activities to complete based on related environmental themes, such as recycling, energy, and saving water. The study concluded that the texting model was successful in delivering these educational lessons in their daily lives.

To join the program, families can text “eco” to 30644.

It’s time to join the Cybersquad and boost that STEM knowledge!