We all need a spa day now and then, including our cars.

Staying bright and shiny is a lot of work for busy cars always on-the-go—thankfully, they will never have to worry about looking dull again! The Shopkins Cutie Cars Splash ‘n Go Spa Wash Playset, from Moose Toys, is the perfect place for Cuties to get pampered to perfection and guarantee they will come out looking better than ever with new color-changing coats.

This car wash play set lets kids give their Cutie Cars the total spa treatment. Kids will have a blast placing their Cutie Car onto the elevator and lifting it to the top floor to the entrance of the spa.

Kids ages 5 and up will love setting the wheels into the groves, pushing their Cutie Cars through the rollers, and watching the Cuties magically change color under the water. To make sure the Cutie Cars get the best color-changing results, the water must be between 95 to 107 degrees. Kids should always have an adult around when dealing with warm water.

Once their car is done splashing around, it’s time to go get a makeover! Hit the lever to send cars down to the decoration station. Make sure the deco brush is ready to go by keeping it in ice-cold water between 32 to 50 degrees.

Kids get to decide what their Cutie Car’s new look will be using the deco wand to paint and draw colorful designs before sliding them down the ramp to the drying station where the Cutie Cars are free to debut their fabulous new makeovers.

Kids can send their cars to the spa as many times as they want. The warm water at the splash station will reset the color every time. Each Splash ‘n Go Spa Wash comes with one exclusive collectible Color Change Cutie Car and Mini Shopkin.

Kids will want to find out what other magical color transformations are in store by collecting all 12 Color Change Cutie Cars. The magical color-changing cars add a new level of fun to all the Cutie Cars line. Each car is packed with personality and uniqueness, and this new play set brings out the best in them.