Cutetitos Fruititos Plush Animals from Basic Fun

These wrapped cuties just got a little sweeter.

Cutetitos are the burrito-wrapped plush animals from Basic Fun! whose little family (or “family-ito”) just grew in size and tastes with Cutetitos Fruititos, fruity versions of the adorable animals designed for kids ages 3 and up.

The little friends in the fourth series of the Cutetitos crew are just as fun as ever to unroll and discover, but now they come in one of four bright and colorful fruit wraps: watermelon, kiwi, orange, or dragon fruit. The scented wraps have realistic fruity smells as well, making the experience even more appealing.

Each Fruitito resembles a unique, brightly colored animal that’s soft to the touch. Some animalitos even come decorated with fun fruit patterns and color splashes from their favorite fruits. While previous Cutetitos had sewn-on peppers to declare their personality’s spice levels, the Fruititos have “fruit spots” that let you know if your plush’s personality is fruity, berry fruity, extra fruity, or super fruity.

The Fruititos include new animals such as a Crabito, Lemurito, and Beeito, each included with a collector card covering the fruity facts about your new pet. Learn about their species, their birthdays, and their sweet names, such as Melonito and Sherbetito. The fruitier each animalito gets, the rarer the chance of finding one. Super rare buddies include Cherrito, Goldito, and Hootito.

With each Fruitito, you’re getting an adorable and cuddly companion with a softness that’s worthy of a snuggle and a personality that’s easy for kids to care for — and with 12 Fruititos in the series, kids can get excited to collectito them all!