The only thing better than a cupcake is a cupcake that’s full of surprises.

Cupcake Surprise dolls transform from a colorfully decorated cupcake into an adorable collectible doll. The first series of Cupcake dolls are princesses, all dressed in gorgeous princess gowns. Kids can collect all 12 of the princesses: Brittney, Candie, Esther, Debby, Jenny, Kaelyn, Lorie, Maya, Ailly, Liza, Marilyn, and Sabrina. Each princess has her own unique style, whether it be bright patterns or bold colors with sparkly accents.


Kids won’t know which princess they’re about to unfold—each doll is packaged as its cupcake form. The cupcakes are beautifully decorated with swirling frosting, colorful sprinkles, and fun designs. The cupcake’s top closes pretty securely on the base, so kids can also display their cupcake collection, or use them for imaginative play.


The real fun of Cupcake Surprise is when kids transform their delicious dessert treat into a princess doll. The process is simple: remove the top and flip the base inside out to reveal a cute princess. Seriously it takes one second. Literally one. When kids pull off the cupcake top, an additional surprise awaits: a delicious scent. All Cupcake Surprise dolls are scented with either chocolate, strawberry, lemon, vanilla, grape, or peanut butter. Yum!

Parents don’t need to worry because the cupcake base and the dolls dress are made out of quality materials, so neither will rip while kids are flipping back and forth quickly.

Once kids’ Cupcake Surprise is in princess mode, the cupcake top also doubles as a fashionable hat. Of course, no royal can be caught with hat hair, so each cupcake surprise comes with a styling brush for tons of hair play.

In addition to the Original Cupcake Surprise assortment, Cupcake Surprise dolls are also available in Mini Cupcake Surprise version.