cupcake surprisePerfect for a princess, fairy or all-around party, these delectable dolls from Sunny Days Entertainment will definitely bring the sweetness to any occasion.

The Cupcake Surprise scented dolls look like a beautifully decorated cupcake until you transform each one into their royal glory. What makes it a fun surprise is that kids don’t know what doll they are about to unfold! Each doll is packaged in their cupcake form. The cupcake tops delightfully decorated with fabulous faux frosting and synthetic savory sprinkles.

cupcake surprise dolls

Kids then gently lift off the imitation icing top to reveal it’s a hat. Continuing on, kids’ unfurl the baking cup to reveal the pleated skirt of the doll’s dress! Needless to say, every Cupcake Surprise doll is the belle of the bakery when she is unveiled in her delightful gown and darling bonnet.

Each Cupcake Surprise doll comes with her own unique outfit and scent. There several styles from which to select from, such as: the original princess series, fairy tales, princess tales, and masquerade surprise dolls. There are also 12 different styled dolls in each series. Even better are the six different scents in strawberry, vanilla, grape, chocolate, lemon, and peanut butter.

Once the reveal is complete, kids have a pretty doll to pretend with for play-days. How about a marvelous masquerade Cupcake Surprise doll with mask in an animal print gown or the fairy dolls with fun hair colors and a fairy wand and wings! Maybe it is the Cupcake Surprise dolls decked out in pearls and tiaras for wedding wonder? Whichever version you chose, each are delightfully decadent.

The dress enables the doll to stand in place for role play opportunities with other dolls. When the activity is done, kids reverse the reveal to relegate her royalty back into her cupcake persona. The cupcake’s top closes pretty securely on the base. So kids can also display their curated cupcake collection, or use in cupcake form for imaginative play too!

Want a smaller version? There are bite-size Cupcake Surprise dolls that are adorable for mini-amusement. They also make for palatable petite party favors! How sweet is that?