Cubetto Kickstarter

Goal: $100,000

Funding period: April 7, 2016

Creator: Primo Toys

Cubetto, a small wooden box on wheels, is the newest coding toy for kids. The toy is designed to introduce preschoolers to basic, hands-on coding without ever putting them in front of a screen.

Kids help guide Cubetto home by placing plastic chips in a sequence on the included board. The chips give Cubetto directions to go left, right, or forward, which he then attempts to follow on a separate floor mat. With more than 50 billion possible sequences, the adventure possibilities are endless for Cubetto and his young coding friends.

Each Cubetto play set comes with a board, 16 blocks (four forward, four left, four right, and four function), a 3.2- by 3.2-foot world map, and a story book. Two Cubetto expansion packs are also available, featuring two world maps (Solar System and Water World), and two story books.

Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $995 and prizes include digital downloads of Cubetto story books, maps, and lesson plans, a Cubetto Adventure T-shirt, and Cubetto himself.

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