Crystal Unicorn Lightbox | Source: WeCool Toys

Keeping kids organized is no easy feat, especially when their schedules are filled to the brim with school, sports, socializing, and summer plans. The Crystal Unicorn Lightbox makes organization more fun through DIY personalization, colorful stickers, and a dreamy unicorn theme.

The Crystal Unicorn Lightbox is one of the newest activity sets in WeCool Toys’ Activity Kings ILY — DIY collection, recommended for kids ages 6 and up. The set comes with a unicorn-shaped lightbox; five dry-erase markers; tons of colorful sticker decals; 25 gemstones; and 80 acetate letters, numbers, and icons.

Source: WeCool Toys

If you’re wondering what a lightbox is, it’s a light-up message board. Kids can use the stickers and decals to decorate the lightbox however they want, whether that be to show off their current mood with a “Good Vibes” sticker or to pump themselves up with a “GRL PWR” or “Stay Magical” sticker. There are even stickers of push-pins that give it a nostalgic feel without parents having to worry about young kids getting pricked in the fingers.

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There’s something timeless about stickers, rainbows, and unicorns that resonates across so many different age groups.Younger kids will have a blast playing with the stickers and doodling with the markers, while tweens can get more meticulous about planning out their schedule. They can use the day-of-the-week stickers and numbers to create their own calendar or use the dry-erase markers to jot down important reminders, to-do lists, or countdowns to the weekend.

The set is only $12.99, too, making it more affordable than buying all the separate elements of a light-up message board, dry erase markers, and individual stickers sheets — although you could totally add your own stickers to customize it even further!

Fill your summer schedule with good vibes and awesome sauce, and then jot it all down on the Crystal Unicorn Lightbox.