klutz grow your own crystal jewelry kit

Learning science never looked so good!

The Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry kit, from Klutz, enables kids to explore STEM principles while crafting. Through a three-step process, kids can explore the science of gems and minerals while crafting seven crystal projects in their favorite colors. The kit includes the supplies young scientists need to make three pendant necklaces, two statement rings, a pair of earrings, and a giant, decorative crystal.

The included book features clear, step-by-step instructions for every part of the jewelry-making process, from pre-mixing the solutions and growing the actual crystals to troubleshooting possible missteps afterward. Each project features highlighted tips to help kids think outside the box and plan ahead for future variations on the same projects. The book also discourages waste, offering kids instructions on how to recycle supplies for next time.

Klutz Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry

So, what are the steps? First, kids learn the science behind crystals: what they are, how they grow, and how they differ from gems. Next, they follow the steps to complete one of the seven projects and grow their crystal. Kids will use pipe cleaners (included in the kit) to build the forms that the crystals will eventually grow on. The last step is the easiest one: Kids can wear their home-grown crystal jewelry and show it off to friends and family!

While there the projects are broken down into simple instructions, kids will have to exercise some patience. The seeding solution used to grow the crystals is quick and easy to make, but the pipe cleaners have to sit for at least a few hours to allow time for the crystals to form. Some of the projects can be done in as short as a few hours, but for some others, it’s really best to let the crystals continue growing overnight for best results. Since the kits are designed for kids ages 8 and up, getting your kids to wait a bit shouldn’t be a huge problem.

Klutz Grow Your Own Crystal JewelryThe Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry kit includes all of the jewelry hardware, dye, and crystal growing powder that kids need; however, be warned that there is a not-insignificant list of other supplies you’ll need to gather before getting started, including things like heat-resistant jars, distilled water, tape, markers, nail polish, and more.

Keep in mind that you and your junior scientist will need a clear, spacious laboratory to grow your crystals. Make sure you don’t work in any areas where there’s food or drinks, either. Needing some dedicated space is actually a bonus; once the supplies are all gathered and laid out, kids will truly feel like they’re in a lab conducting experiments. In the end, though, they’ll get to rock some new STEM-approved bling — even better!