Source: IMC Toys/the Toy Insider

The only thing better than freshly squeezed juice are freshly squeezed tears — Cry Babies tears!

IMC Toys is expanding its Cry Babies line of dolls that really cry with Cry Babies Magic Tears Tutti Frutti, and this time around, the collectible dolls are fruit-themed.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the new collectible dolls are full of fruity surprises, starting with the smoothie-shaped house. Inside, kids will find several different types of blind packages to unwrap, which add multiple layers to the unboxing experience. There are three plastic blind bags, a metallic pouch with a rippable seam, and a folded carton with perforated shapes that kids can pop open.

Each set includes a Cry Babies Magic Tears Tutti Frutti doll, a mini-smoothie bottle, a pacifier, a sticker sheet, and four additional accessories (a spoon, a bowl, sunglasses, and a dress) that match the doll’s designated fruit. There are 13 characters to collect in total, including one rare doll.

Each doll comes dressed in a fruit-themed onesie with a hood and the doll itself is sweetly scented to match, with options like Mel the watermelon-themed Cry Baby, Koko the coconut-themed Cry Baby, and Pom the apple-themed Cry Baby. The dolls are made of a soft, plastic material that is fun to squeeze, which is also how you make them cry. Kids can fill the tiny smoothie bottle with water and feed the doll with it to make the real magic happen. After waiting two minutes, squeeze the doll’s belly to watch it cry in one of six different color tears. It takes a little bit of patience because the doll won’t instantly cry: You’ll have to feed it several bottles full of water and then wait for the water to settle inside before squeezing.

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The onesies are full of adorable details, like a bumpy texture on Framy’s raspberry-esque body and a bite taken out of Pom’s red apple hood. They are not removable and kids can pop the plastic accessories on right over the onesie, which IMO is even more fun than dressing and undressing a doll because the pieces fit perfectly into place (berry satisfying). Kids can also rotate the doll’s arms and legs to pose the characters or to make them look like they’re walking or sitting.

Cry Babies fans can connect with the characters even further on IMC Toys’ Kitoons YouTube channel, where they can watch the Cry Babies go on new adventures in the Tutti Frutti world.

Cry Babies Magic Tears Tutti Frutti are ripe for the picking so carpe diem and squeeze the day. Look for them at major retailers later this month!