Cry Babies Magic Tears

Last year, the international hit Cry Babies arrived in the U.S., quickly finding plenty of love from kids of many ages. Since that time, the Cry Babies have come to YouTube, connecting with kids through colorful, animated adventures posted regularly in new episodes of Cry Babies Magic Tears.  Now, there’s a new collection of dolls that takes its name from the series, and Cry Babies Magic Tears are available in the U.S. and Canada following another successful international debut.

Cry Babies Magic Tears are smaller versions of last year’s Cry Babies dolls, devoid of electronics, and ready for classic, battery-free imaginative play. Each doll comes blind packed in its own Cry Babies Home (available in pink and turquoise), so kids never know who might be waiting inside. There’s 12 characters to collect, in addition to one rare doll, and each includes a total of eight accessories in each pack. Additionally, kids may discover rare accessories, such as the golden pacifier or bow!

Cry Babies Magic Tears at Sweet Suite

Each soft-bodied, plastic doll is dressed as a different animal character, and when kids fill their sippy bottle with water, the dolls can take a drink, which leads to real tears at the squeeze of the tummy. Cry Babies Magic Tears have articulated arms and legs for poseability and seating.

Due to the popularity of collectibles with an element of surprise, you can expect Cry Babies Magic Tears to be just as popular as their full size counterparts.

Cry Babies Magic Tears are available now at most major retailers.