Sometimes, it’s pretty easy to be a total Cry Baby when it’s time to go to bed.

Don’t worry — I’m totally not dissing your kids. I’m talking about Coney, the latest doll in IMC ToysCry Babies lineup, made for kids ages 18 months and up.

Goodnight Coney will be kids’ new best friend during their bedtime routines. She is totally ready for a good night’s sleep with her adorable, super-soft hooded onesie. While her face is made of plastic to support some fun, surprise features (I’ll get to that later), her body is soft and ready for lots of snuggles and cuddles. Coney also rocks bright pink hair; has wide, bright blue eyes; and has her pacifier tied to a bow around her neck. In short, her fashion choices are bedtime chic, and I respect that.

Buuut, this doll is more than just a cute face — she has some interactive elements in store for little ones! When kids take her pacifier away, she will cry tears that light up in the dark and makes realistic baby sounds, giving kids a role-play experience to take care of their doll. Unlike Coney’s Cry Babies predecessors that cry water tears, Coney’s tears are made of bright LED lights that shine in the dark.

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When kids return her pacifier to her, or when they press her tummy, her face will light up a soft yellow color to double as a night light. The doll will also rotate between five soothing lullabies for up to 10 minutes to send kids right to dreamland. So, when kids are done playing, they can go right to bed.

Goodnight Coney is sure to be a hit for Cry Babies fans or as babies’ first dolls. Sweet dreams!