Wiffle ball, schmiffle ball. The days of a simple yellow piece of plastic have come and gone. Now, kids can hit homer after homer with ease, thanks to the Crush-It! bat, from Tucker Toys. This evolutionary recreational bat features high-tension strings that give kids a new level of power. The set also includes a foam ball, and the ball bounces swiftly off the bat similar to how a tennis ball bounces off a tennis racket.

There’s an adjustable power knob at the top of the bat, which allows kids to adjust the string tension. Kids can increase the tension to smash the ball out of the park if they have a large playing area, or they can decrease the tension to ensure the ball doesn’t go too far if they are playing in a small yard.


The bat also has a contoured grip handle, so kids can grab on securely while they swing away. The bat is super lightweight, so even little kids ages 5 and up can get in on the fun. The foam ball is also very soft, so kids don’t need gloves to catch it with ease.

Playing softball or wiffle ball can sometimes be difficult for kids, especially if they are still developing hand-eye coordination, but the Crush-It bat ensures they will have an easier time making contact with the ball and send it flying a great distance.

The navy and neon green design is right on trend with what kids love, and it is gender-neutral enough for all kids to want to play. This set is sure to put a new spin on the way families play a quick game of softball at the next BBQ or trip to the beach.


See it in action: