Ice Cream Shop Sensory Bin | Source: Faber-Castell/the Toy Insider

It’s time to get into your feels and dig into tactile play!

If you know us at all, you know that we love Creativity for Kids’ Sensory Bins. Jumping on the social media trend among parents who were building their own DIY play bins at home and filling them up with things that were fun to squish, squeeze, mold, build, and more, the company is offering bins that come with everything kids need to engage in imaginative play. These self-contained bins feature Sensory Sand and other themed accessories all inside of a bin that comes with a lid on top to easily clean up and store.

The line contains bins in six different themes. We’ve talked about the Garden & Critters, Outer Space, and Ocean & Sand bins, but there are more adorable themes that preschoolers will love, including some that are seasonally perfect for summertime play!

Ice Cream Shop Sensory Bin | Source: Faber-Castell USA

Kids can chill out with a summertime treat: the Ice Cream Shop Sensory Bin. This self-contained play bin is the ultimate sensory experience. Kids can develop and practice fine motor movement by scooping pretend ice cream in a bowl or cone. Includes easy-to-shape Sensory Sand in three colors, an ice cream scoop, a bowl, spoons, pom poms, ice cream cones, rainbow beads, and a foam banana.

Construction Zone Sensory Bin | Source: Faber-Castell USA

Kids can play in their own dig site with the Construction Zone Sensory Bin. They’ll develop and practice fine motor movement by rolling, scooping, and digging up sand at this pretend construction site. The set includes easy-to-shape Sensory Sand. Kids can get hands-on with trucks, rocks, a shovel, and other play toys that resemble things found in a construction zone.

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin | Source: Faber-Castell USA

Kids will love the prehistoric fun found In the Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin. This one is perhaps my favorite theme out of all of them — I love anything dino! Kids can pretend to be paleontologists by scooping, sifting, and brushing fossils in this self-contained dinosaur dig environment. The set includes a magnifying glass, a foam volcano, a fossil brush, play sand, a faux plant, a sand sifter, dinosaurs, skeletons, and more.

With stay-at-home orders still in place, parents are looking for useful ways to keep kids busy and pass the time. These Sensory Bins are not only fun and cute, but they provide tons of benefits, from encouraging imagination and sparking curiosity to keeping kids engaged and focused with tons of tactile activities.

Plus, kids can play with the Sensory Bins solo or with other kids, so it really is the perfect activity to pull off the shelf anytime. If kids aren’t quite ready to play independently, parents can use these bins to guide them through different, more structured activities as well, and even use them as at-home learning tools.

Learn more about the importance of sensory play in this article by Creativity for Kids, and check out the video below!