Skribs Customizable Wristbands, a top 5 finalist in Walmart’s Get it on the Shelf Competition, allow children to write and draw whatever they want on wristbands, to be used again and again. The do-it-yourself design can be doodled in ballpoint pen or dry-erase marker, and once you’re ready to make a new creation, all you have to do is swipe a finger or tissue across the band’s writing surface to start all over again.

Skribs are now available on Each 3-pack of Skribs includes a dry erase marker, and is $8.95. The best part about Skribs is that children are encouraged to use their imaginations to design their own unique wristbands, and it can be done almost anywhere. In the car, at home, or in school, kids can customize and showcase their own style.