imageKids are full of creative energy and with Labo Lado’s new Car Designer app, the drawing board goes beyond a box of crayons and paper and takes young kids’ imaginations into a digital world that then brings their designs to life.

In Car Designer kids ages 3 and up are able to fill their unlimited garage with vehicle creations made of different models, colors, and wacky stickers. Each car comes with a template that kids can color in any way they like  cue the polka dots, stripes, swirls, and a whole lot more.

While experimenting with different cars (choose among watermelon-shaped cars, dinosaur trucks, fish-inspired vehicles, and much more) and patterns, kids will then be prompted to add even more funky flair where they can choose to add on oranges for wheels and big blinking eyes (just to name a few ideas). For me, designing is definitely my favorite part, but once kids’ cars are ready to roll they can race along 15 different roads and even change the scene from daytime to nighttime or drive around in snowy conditioners.

image-1It’s amazing to see a design you just made take real form on the road and the car is just as fun to navigate. Although the road seems simple to maneuver at first, kids’ cars will fall off hills and travel through the sky on fun obstacles that can make their car flip and do some pretty cool wheelies. The roads tend to take new shapes and forms without much notice, so you never know where you car is going to go.

Kids will love this easy-to-use app as they fill their own garage with tons of custom creations made by them!