Source: WeCool Toys

Every parent, teacher, and caregiver knows the importance of kids washing their hands — and they especially know the difficulty in getting kids to wash their hands! Each request for them to wash their hands feels like it’s followed by a “soap opera.”

If you are on reminder repeat or have to do the hand sniff test (to check if they really did wash their hands after saying they did), then you will want to check out Crazy Cleanz 20 Second Soap from WeCool Toys. This soap will be a savior whether in school, at camp, at home, or on the go — and will bring smiles to kids’ faces, too. In fact, each soap disk has a smiley face imprinted on it!

A Crazy Cleanz 20 Second Soap disk | Source: WeCool Toys

Using the soap is simple: Kids take one of the 12 soap tablets from the keychain tube, then place it in their hands, add water, and keep rubbing their hands together until the tablet dissolves — about 20 seconds! This teaches kids proper hand-washing etiquette and encourages them to wash their hands for 20 seconds, the recommended time to kill germs and bacteria.

Source: WeCool Toys

After the tablet dissolves, kids are left with a fruity scent and lightly colored soap on their hands. Then they learn to effectively rinse their hands until all the colored soap is gone! Adults will love the convenient keychain on the tube for easy portability on kids’ backpacks or the family travel bag. Its tube is especially slim so it is easy to tuck in a purse or in the car’s glove compartment. Adults should note that the tube of soap tablets can look like candy, so make sure to keep it out of the reach of children who may not understand the difference.

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These are great for Easter Basket or stocking stuffers, or for end-of-the-year teacher gifts. If you would like a soap-worthy printable to place on your 20 Second Soap to give to school staff, click here!

So while these 20 Second Soaps are designed for kids, this grown-up can honestly say: These are scented soaps are special for anyone and any occasion!