Source: Crazy Aaron’s/the Toy Insider

Washing your hands can get a little boring — especially when you’re doing it so often — but one toy manufacturer found a way to jazz up the routine.

Crazy Aaron’s, the creator of Thinking Putty and Land of Dough, is launching a line of color-changing soap and hand sanitizer to add some color to your hygiene hyjinks.

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The Clean with Color collection will include $5 gel hand sanitizers that feature three glittery colors in every bottle. The 4-ounce bottles are available in four different designs: dinosaurs, mermaids, outer space, and princess castle. The line will also include $6 foaming hand soaps that change colors to let kids know when they have thoroughly scrubbed. The 7.5-ounce bottles are available in apple (green), strawberry (magenta), and berry (blue) scents.

Practice good hygiene with the Clean with Color line, available now at!