Every young aspiring artist deserves an art studio. Thanks to the Crayola Triple-the-Fun Art Studio, parents can gift kids everything they need to let creativity soar this holiday season—all with just one purchase.

The Crayola Triple-the-Fun Art Studio features a dry erase easel and stool so kids can sit down and create some marker masterpieces. But if kids don’t feel like drawing directly on the easel, they can pin down some paper and pull out their paintbrushes! Thanks to the removable paper clips, their paper canvas will be secure.  Best of yet, the easel is also magnetic so kids can pin up sketches and/or drawings for inspo while they channel their inner Picasso. 

And here comes the fun part: The easel isn’t just an easel, kids can fold it down into an art desk! Here, kids can continue to paint, color — even do homework, as it functions as a regular desk. It’s two pieces of snazzy art furniture in one.

The design of the studio is also pretty unique. Kids will love the blue, yellow, and red color scheme, as well as the detail of the stool legs (they look like crayons — but luckily much sturdier!).

And to make things convenient, both the easel and desk offer storage compartments for kids to place their art supplies in while creating (aka, no crayons on the floor). The Triple-the-Fun Art Studio comes equipped with the following supplies:  four sheets of colored paper, one eraser, two paint pots, and two paint brushes. Another win: kids can use all the Crayola products they already have with this art studio — whether it be paint, markers, crayons, or colored pencils! Bring on the color!

To purchase one of these all-in-one art studios, swing by your local Toy “R” Us or click here, as it is an exclusive item. To check out more Crayola products, see here.

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