Decorated Scribble Scrubbies from the Ocean Pets Lagoon Playset | Source: Crayola

What do pets and crafts have in common? Despite being major sources of entertainment for kids, they can also be major sources of dread for the adults on clean-up duty. But never fear! The new Scribble Scrubbie Ocean Pets Lagoon Playset from Crayola is great for pet lovers looking to express their creativity and parents who are trying to avoid a big mess!

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this playset includes a set of six washable markers — each a different color — and four washable, flocked pet figures, which are inspired by different ocean creatures, including Walter the whale, Coral the Clownfish, Shelly the shark, and Ollie the Octopus. As with previous Scribble Scrubbie kits, all of the figures are white to start, so little artists can use the markers to decorate their pet figures however they envision. The colorable toys are made of felt and hold ink well, but kids will want to let them dry for about five minutes before commencing imaginative playtime to avoid inky fingertips.

Source: Crayola

Then, when new inspiration strikes, kids can wash away their old design by giving their pet a shower in the Lagoon Tub, which is also included in the playset! The Lagoon has a wide base that kids can fill with water and a shower head that dispenses the water, which kids can activate by pressing the starfish button. Once the figure is completely wet and the ink starts to run, kids can use the included Scrub Brush to erase any residual color. Once their pets are dry, kids can give them a totally new look!

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Overall, the Scribble Scrubbie Ocean Pets Lagoon play-set provides kids with a canvas to unleash their inner artist, while incorporating clean-up time in an equally entertaining way!