Despite all the uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic has created, it’s important to stay positive and find good in the world around us. Crayola wants to spread the sentiments of optimism and gratitude with the #SayItColorfully project, encouraging families to create inspirational messages for their communities.

To participate, families can place “thank you” signs on their front door or mailbox for postal and delivery service workers; draw colorful chalk art or DIY window decorations to say hi to neighbors from afar; or create kindness rock paintings to leave inspirational messages outdoors (while keeping a safe distance). Crayola encourages people to get creative and use their imagination to express their gratitude for the helpers of the world.

After the creations are complete, families can share them to social media using the hashtag #SayItColorfully explaining what they have created, who they created it for, why they created it, and how it makes them feel.

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