Screen-free play is one of the hottest toy trends of the year. Plus, with parents looking for distance learning activities, you can’t get any better than the Crayola Paper Flower Science Kit. It combines science, technology, and art for a hands-on, screen-free STEAM toy.

Out of the box, kids discover the pieces needed to create 12 paper flowers. There are six flower pots, six flower pot covers, 12 petal sheets, 12 petal funnels, a watering can, a white crayon, a paintbrush, three ink bottles, three makers, 12 tips, color mixing chart, and how-to instructions.

As kids engage with this educational toy, they learn about capillary action, physics, and water wicking. As they learn, they are also learning about nature and working on problem-solving and fine motor skills.

The fun is when the colors bloom before your very eyes! Flowers can “re-wick” color over and over to change the look of the flower. So kids can have fun experimenting with color and design. Kids can make just one flower or make all 12 in one afternoon. However, this parent found it easier to do all in one sitting once the materials are out and set up for the activity. Since there are only six flower pots, do a batch of six. When dry, switch them over to a container, like a mason jar. Then make the other six.

Pro tip: Make sure to have wet cloths to wash hands that will get messy with markers and paint colors. Plus, protect surfaces including clothes. The best bet is to be creative on top of a large cookie sheet with raised sides. It allows for easy clean up when the creativity is done. Set aside old T-shirts from a parent for an inexpensive at-home smock, too. Lastly, caregivers can use white coffee filters to keep the fun going once the included petal sheets are depleted.

This kit is a great way to supplement remote learning — whether for an art class or science class. However, it is also a perfect rainy-day activity just for the fun of it, while having the educational side-benefit. Once kids finish making their flowers, they can put together a paper flower bouquet to give to a family member, neighbor, or teacher. Giving a new kit, along with a paper flower bouquet, is a great birthday party gift for a fellow friend, too. Yet, the best thing is to arrange the flowers in a pretty jar. Place it on a table for the entire family to enjoy!

This Paper Flower Science Kit is part of a line of other Crayola STEAM kits that include Space, Liquid, and Gross, which also teach through water-based experiments. Whichever one you choose, let your kids’ love for creativity get captured with a kit from Crayola.