There are tons of creatures to make! | Source: Crayola/the Toy Insider

If you have a young lover of the ocean in your home, they can take that passion to new depths with a partnership between Crayola and OceanX. Kids can dive into the Ocean Home Adventures craft kit that brings the creatures of the deep right to your door.

Each Crayola Home Adventure kit costs $24.99, and the new Ocean Adventures pack will lead young artists through the five layers of the ocean. There are seven creatures to build, craft, and color, leaving kids with a marine life buddy when they’re done! As they construct the sea life, kids can learn impressive facts about each animal: Did you know that Christmas tree worms can live for more than 40 years? We bet you didn’t!

Kids can unbox materials needed to make a mantis shrimp, a flower hat jellyfish, a moray eel, an anglerfish, a dumbo octopus, and a Christmas tree worm. Families who already have Crayola’s Scribble Scrubbies at home can also follow instructions to make a cuttlefish using their blank Scribble Scrubbie animals. These creatures are known for their amazing ability to change color, size, and even texture to resemble whatever they want. Kids can design different cuttlefish Scribble Scrubbies using any pet they want by shifting identities and colors resembling a lionfish, a sea turtle, coral, a starfish, and more.

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Like other Home Adventure kits, the Ocean Adventures package includes all the supplies needed and links to more than three hours of video content filled with walkthroughs and fun activities. There are nine activities to complete in the ocean kit, including a drawing tutorial led by a Crayola designer for aspiring artists looking for a professional.

The Ocean Adventures pack is available for pre-order now on Interested families can sign up and get 24 hours advanced notice to shop the kit before it’s released to the general public!