Nothing is cooler than making your own sparkly jewels, and Crayola is making that possible.

The Crayola Jewel Maker is a fun, easy, and surprisingly mess-free craft kit that inspires shimmering creativity in kids. While combining different gels and glitter may sound like a recipe for a mess, the kit does a great job of keeping things simple and neat. The different colored gels come in small tubes, that kids squeez into snap-top containers following simple guidelines. There’s also the option to add glitter (and honestly, who wouldn’t) to top off the mixture. Once kids mix in all the elements of their jewel, they simply snap on the top of the container and shake the mixture for 30 seconds. The clear gel, the colored gel, and the sparkles all combine and transform into one ooey, gooey jewel in the making.

Next, kids pour their mixture into the molds to make stand alone gems. The jewelry makers can even add in icon-fetti, which are small sticker designs that can be placed between layers of gel. Kids are also encouraged to incorporate their own stickers and photos into their Jewel Maker creations to make them as unique and personal as possible. Crayola_JewelMakers_Jewels

The kit comes with a no-mess mat to put down on surfaces, so any accidents will be easy to clean up afterward. After the gel hardens in the mold for 30 minutes, kids use the included spatula to pop the now-hardened jewel out of its mold. Some projects don’t even require the spatula tool, making the jewel maker a truly simple activity for kids ages 8 and up.Kids can string together bracelets, necklaces, and other completely personalized accessories with their jewels, gems, and other shimmering creations.

Once finished, kids will get to wear unique jewelry that they can be proud of because they made it themselves. They may not be as expensive as diamonds and rubies, but these one-of-a-kind jewels as precious as can be.