Crayola_VirtualDesignPro_OpenThrough play, kids are more empowered than ever to grow up following their passions and what it is that inspires them. Whether their interests include art, building, or growing a business there are toys that promote these like never before. In particular, Crayola’s Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection is a new tech-based toy that any girl or boy who loves to draw and color will have a blast playing with. But even better, kids will realize that while this set is fun to experiment with, it’s an activity that could one day turn into a career.

With Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection girls and boys are given the tools they need to illustrate fashion designs on paper and then bring them to life on a virtual runway using a free app. The set is stocked with a beautiful range of colored pencils, markers, and stencils so creating unique dresses and outfits is limitless.

Fashion Design Pro 2The process is super simple: Download My Virtual Fashion Show app at on any apple or android smart device and unlock the app. Kids can then color their fashion garments (front and back) in the included booklet using whichever medium and adding as much or as little detail as they want. Once kids’ creations are complete, use the app’s scanner to upload the design into the app. After it’s uploaded, the fashion show is almost ready to begin, but the models have to get ready first. So, in the app kids can accessorize their female and male models and even change their hair colors and styles to really go with their outfits. Kids can choose the location of the animated fashion show and pick which of their models they’d like to walk the runway.

Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection allows kids ages 6 and up to get a real feel for fashion design at a young age. While girls may know early on that they’re really interested in art, they may not have known that they can channel that interest into designing fashion—until now. While it’s clear that I’m certainly not the next Alexander McQueen, girls and boys can learn early on that this is something they’re really good at, or maybe that it’s just something they enjoy doing for fun. Either way, this set is great for artists of all skill levels.
Crayola Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection from Crayola was selected as a Top Tech 12 toy for the holiday season in the Toy Insider’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, featured in the November issue of Woman’s Day magazine. Check it out here!