Crayola Imaginables

Ever wish the creatures you dream up in your head could become a real, huggable friend? Crayola just made it possible.

With Imaginables, a new part of Crayola’s My Way line, little artists can turn any drawing, painting, or other 2-D creation into a 3-D plush pal in a few easy steps. Adults can grab their kids’ masterpiece and upload an image of it to an email or text message to send it to the designers at Crayola. You can even include special instructions to guide Crayola’s experts as they create the perfect Imaginable. The standard plush creations are about 16 inches, with a larger, super-sized option also available.

Plush Toys

The plushies take about four weeks to create. During this time, Crayola’s team of designers work with the drawing to make sure that the plush is as accurate as possible, even down to the most minute details. They use plush material in more than 30 Crayola colors to make the Imaginable ultra soft and colorful. Though four weeks seems like a long wait, the Crayola team sends out email updates throughout the process to keep kids and parents in the know.

With Imaginables, kids have the opportunity to snuggle up with a special plush that came straight from his or her very own imagination.