For any aspiring Coco Chanel’s out there, Crayola’s got your fix. Young designers can take their fashion designs on paper and and bring them to life on screen.

Crayola Fashion Superstar is an art set and sketchbook with an app supplement. Kids create their own design IRL using the Crayola art set and fashion sketchbook, scan it into the app, and watch it appear on screen.

This free app, available in the App Store and Play Store, places kids in the Big Apple Fashion Institute. Here, they’ll meet other designers who will guide them along the way in this virtual game. Think of Sims, but with a fashion focus.

The game portion of the app revolves around appointments, which are basically fashion assignments for kids to complete. As they complete these designs missions, they can unlock new clothing items, advance to new levels, and earn other fun bonuses. These assignments challenge kids to use their eye for style to create some stellar outfit combinations.

After kids complete an assignment, the model they designed the look for can walk the stage and strike a pose—YASSSS. WORK IT. Kids can then either print their look, save it to their lookbook, or post it to the style board where other characters within the app can “like,” comment, or share the design.

The 62-page fashion sketchbook is divided into a Tops, Bottoms, Skirts, Dresses, and Layers sections. It offers pre-designed clothing templates left blank, for kids to color in. It’s basically like a coloring book, as kids will color in the article of clothing and add some flare to it. The book offers various types of each article of clothing. For example, in the skirts section, kids can choose from pencil skirts, maxi skirts, button skirts, and more! Crayola doesn’t just know colors, but style, too—and they know not to limit creative minds to just certain types of garments.

On the inside cover of the art set, there’s even some pattern ideas illustrated for kids to copy or create their own (cheetah print, anyone?). The kit also teaches kids cool design skills, such as how to blend, layer, or create gradients with their pencils and their markers so it looks like ombre on screen (which TBH, is my personal fav). The art set comes with 18 markers and 24 colored pencils.

 With Crayola Fashion Superstar, kids will have all the tools necessary to create some funky designs by hand!