Color your world in a whole new way with the Crayola Crayon Melter, a new activity set from Crayola that lets kids draw with melted crayons.

The set comes with a set of eight unwrapped crayons—but just in case you need more, it also includes a label cutter to easily remove the paper from crayons you probably already have at home. Don’t worry though: although sharp enough to remove the wrapper, the blade is well cased and totally safe for kids to use.

Inside the kit is a practice sheet so kids can learn to draw different shapes before they start creating a masterpiece. There are also a couple of pre-drawn designs for kids to color in or trace, or they can use their own blank sheets of paper—or wood or canvas or cardboard—to draw whatever they can imagine.

Once you’ve unwrapped your crayon, simply break it up into pieces and insert the pieces through the flaps in the cap of the melter. Then an adult should attach the power cord and plug it in (for safety!). When the LED light on the melter turns green, it’s ready to go!

When drawing with the Crayon Melter, it works best if you hold the device upright with the tip flat on the paper. As you go, make sure you wipe away excess wax from the tip. This makes your art cleaner and helps to keep the Crayon Melter from clogging.

Before switching over to a new color, make sure you use up all the wax already inside the melter (this helps from mixing colors in the melter). There’s a handy guide included in the instructions to show you how much a quarter of a crayon covers so that you can figure out exactly how much color you need for each section of your art so you don’t waste any wax. Once you’re ready to change colors, simple put in the next crayon, wait 30 seconds, then doodle on a blank piece of paper until the new color appears.

One very important thing to note about the Crayola Crayon Melter is that you do need to plug it into a wall to use it; there are no batteries. Make sure that wherever you’re setting up your area has easy access to a plug so that you can get to creating easily! The Crayon Melter is completely kid-safe, with a low-heat tip, and the versatility of this creative set lets kids decorate anything they can imagine, so get in touch with your creative side and discover a whole new way to create with classic Crayola crayons.